Sunday, March 29

Size shouldn't matter. Right?

I am the same person from one day to the next, al beit I am slowly shrinking in size but from one day to the immediate next I am the same person. Why is it that what the label on any particular article of clothing make a difference in how I feel? The scale is going down, I am getting in better shape so why is it that not being able to get into any particular size or getting into a particular size can have such a drastic effect on my psyche?

I have recently been able to get back into a pair of pants that I had outgrown. This prompted me to go shopping in my own closet only to find that two other pairs of pants I haven't worn in a very very long time had the same number on the label as those I just started wearing again...sadly they are not the same size! Despite the labels saying they are both the same the others are much smaller! See? So with this as absolute proof that every size is different even if it says its the same as another does what any particular label says bother me?

And now for the opposite spectrum....why if I am the same person struggling to get out of my fat clothes should the fact that by some twist of cosmic fate I can actually put a skirt on that has a big fat M on it can make me so giddy? It doesn't matter to me that this is not how the skirt is suppose to fit just that I can get it on and, yes, I purchased it and thought that maybe, just maybe I would look smashing in it by the time I go on my goal weight celebratory cruise next February. Here is the not so good mobile pic I took the day I first tried it on...

I know that size shouldn't matter but sometimes it makes a difference in how I feel. Anyone else feel the same?


Annalisa201 said...

Totally understand. I still have all my M t-shirts and size 11 jeans (when the heck did I fit into those?!? And why didn't I appreciate it then!?!) from years ago... deep down in the bottom of my closet... Carried on from probably 10 moves including an international one. I WILL fit into them one day, and I WILL look good in them (ie. no jelly roll flowing over the top). Last year I got down to Can't remember what number, but small enough to pull them over my hips... couldn't button them, but the fact that the size 11 fit over my presently not-even-close-to-fitting hips amazed me, and made me so proud! LOL... did I really just write that out loud? LOL oops... the things we should keep to ourselves!

;) Cheers

Lucrecia said...

So you found 2 pairs of pants in your closet that are too big and you are anything less than thrilled??

I am pretty positive by the time we go on the cruise you will be needing that skirt in a S!

Mama Bear June said...

Oh, yeah, sizes of things that fit can totally make you giddy or depressed. :-) I've been gratified that even when the scale was slow to move, things got looser and I bought smaller sizes. It's a GREAT feeling!

Mama Bear June said...

By the way, your progress photos are AMAZING!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Hey! So glad your joinin in on the challenge! Proud of you! Great pic by the way!

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