Wednesday, March 18

Week 11 ~ Weigh In

I truly intend to post more often but I just find myself with so many thoughts in my head that I fear I won't be able to make any sense of them or I will simply ramble on...and so days pass and they turn into an entire week with no postings other than my weekly weigh in.... at least this week that is good news! I am down 2.4lbs this week which makes up the .2 I was still up from 2wks ago and brings me to a total of 24lbs lost! I couldn't be happier. (well, of course I would be happier if I'd lost 4 or 5lbs but that's just not realistic - but I can dream)

I am totally 100% back on track with my eating and attitude now if I could just kick my own butt into gear and start exercising again! I was doing so well for a few weeks. I know they say it takes 3wks to make something a habit so here I go starting over with the building of the good habit of weekly exercise.

I have had someone else at work mention that they can see a difference in my appearance but unless I look at the before and progress photos side by side I don't yet just outright see it myself. This is why I have printed those pictures in a side by side comparison to put in my bathroom as a daily reminder.

As for the goals I set last week, well, I did two out of three and I'm sure you can already tell which I didn't quite conquer.

This will be my week to get back on the step and move my butt!


Lucrecia said...

Did you work out this morning? 2.4 pounds is A W E S O M E!! I hope it re-engized you and reminds you just how well the diet alone can work for you! Here's to a new decade next week!

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