Sunday, March 1

Number.....Number....Daily Number

I weigh myself daily. Some people feel that daily weighing is beneficial (really know what effects any particular food or combinations of food may have on your weight) while others feel that weekly weighing is more beneficial (probably only to our sanity) however I have always weighed daily and tracked my weight based on the results of every Wednesdays weight. Now, that said, why when I have a spike in my weight does it stay on my brain CONSTANTLY!?

Both yesterday and today I have weighed 1 or 1.2lbs more than I did this past Wednesday and while I knew that my drastic weightloss this past week was most likely more related to being sick and not eating than to actual weight/fat loss and that having felt better enough to actually be eating normally again for the past two days why does it make me so insane to see the scale go up!? It's like my mention in a past posting of feeling like our "number" runs like on a ticker tape across my brain contstantly all day long. The upside to my current situation would be that not only do I know why the number is doing what it is doing but I'm not doing anything drastic to stop it or get it to go the other way. I know that I have a really long journey ahead of me and that there will be ups as well as the welcomed downs on the scale. I know these things, I'm a rational woman, albeit a little obsessive in some areas. I am more than the number on the scale....heck, I wasn't even sure what exactly I wanted as my goal number except that I know what I weighed for a cruise back in 2006 and at that weight I still felt like I had a little bit of weight to get off yet and so I am currently shooting for 20lbs less than I got to back then. I know I have to have a target to shoot for or a goal at the end of this long marathon of weight loss but would someone please tell me how to turn off the neon ticker in my head that runs that darn number over and over and over again across my brain?


Lucrecia said...

When you figure it out, let me know, because you know I obsess too. At least you know why there was a gain, its SO much harder on the brain when you feel like you've been so good and you see a gain.

Annalisa201 said...

I just have to say (though words don't mean much) Try not to worry about it!

LOOK AT YOUR WAIST LINE! WOW GIRL! I am rather impressed! Your "behind" pics before/after are very inspirational! What a difference. And I think you should take a look at the top half of those pics again - your lines are so slim now! Why worry about those numbers when you can SEE how great you are doing!?! Keep up the good work!!! :D

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