Tuesday, March 31

Lucky Week 13 ~ Weigh In

Well today's weigh in is monumental. Not because of the amount of weight lost this week or the total pounds lost to date but because as of today I am beginning the Sizzlin' Hot by Summer Challenge and a couple of the requirements of the challenge are pictures. If you've been to my blog at all before now you know I am not opposed to pictures of my(fat)self but this challenge requires a picture be posted of the scale! YIKES...

I have told people that I am trying to lose weight and get healthier. I have even told quite a few people just how much I've lost but neither in real life nor here in cyberland I have been able to be completely open about exactly what I weighed or how much I weigh now. My number turned out to be much more sacred to me than I thought. I had hoped that this blog and this final journey would allow me to finally open up and share those scary/embarrassing numbers. I have actually taken a picture of the scale every week including Day 1 ~ I have just been too chicken to post them on the blog like I had intended. Thanks to Shiela, and this challenge, I've had to muster the courage to not just say how much I lost this week (which was a solid 2.6lbs) but actually post a picture of the numbers that stared up at me this morning:

There, it's done. It's out there. *giant sigh*

I also had to take recent pics of my self for this challenge and so here are pictures I had my daughter take of me last night. I decided to take different pictures in different clothes from my regular progress photos just to change things up a bit. Wore some things that were a wee bit tighter (although the pants are a size larger than most I wear, but that's another post)

Putting my number out there was a big hurdle. What have been you're most difficult hurdles to overcome on your journey? Is it easy for you to admit your number?


Lisa said...

Way to go on gaining the courage to post your numbers. It's a step in the right direction. Let's work hard and together we can all do this! Good Luck! Lisa

Lucrecia said...

Love the new Avatar picture!

I'm sure you will never in a million years believe what my number was this morning! Though when I post the picture its a little higher thanks to having to run downstairs for stupid batteries!

I'm hoping posting my number will actually "free me" some. I already have a lot of blog posts in mind that I'd been avoiding because it was too much of a hassle to work around not posting my weight. Now to find the time to write them!

I think you look smaller in these new pictures than even the most recent one on the side.

Heather T said...

You are going to do great for the challenge, you are already looking great in your progress pictures!

David Showers said...

It's hard to say "looking good!" as a guy without getting into trouble somehow, but I'm gonna do it anyway.


Thanks for stopping by fitago.com. I'm going to make a special challenge just for you. How about "lose 25 pounds by the end of summer" - would that be a better one for you? I think you'll kill the lose 10 by summer challenge. Way too easy for you!

Anonymous said...

WOW, your "Before" and "After" pictures are MOTIVATING! You lost so much already and I commend you for that, brava! I am also doing the weight loss challenge with you and I wish you nothing but SUCCESS.

We can do it!!

<3 Martha

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on taking that big step and posting the scale photo. That was a hard one for me, too when I started a challenge back in May '07, but found I couldn't keep track very well just posting how much I'd lost. So it was easier to just throw the numbers out there for everyone to see. They are just numbers, not who we are. :-) And it's gratifying to say "This is where I started, and this is where I AM!" You look awesome and have made great progress. May this challenge have us all sizzling for summer. :-D

Sassle said...

Hola ;) Great before pics! I'm so excited about this Challenge! You will do grrrreat! I can tell already by today's "before" pic, you are off to a great start!!

Christine said...

You have such pretty curves! And you have come so far already! Best of luck on the challenge, I am a late comer and just wanted to stop by and meet ya. Congrats on your success so far. :D

Annalisa201 said...

Wow! Congrats. You look amazing.

Va-Va-Voom comes to mind... not sure why... I am married LOL It's past my bedtime.

And congrats on jumping that hurdle in posting your number. You shouldn't be afraid of the number. You are doing a great job, and we are all proud of you. You have the photo's to prove it! Honestly. You look Fab!

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