Saturday, January 30

Week 1 ~ aka: The Final Wk 1

I'm still here!! I haven't given up ...again... already. I am also doing a group weightloss blog with some good friends and managed only to update that blog on Wednesday which is my normal weigh in day.

I have decided to put it all out there this time. A friend of mine outside of the other blog also just happened to decide to try again on the same Satruday a week ago and she did something a little different, she told anyone and everyone that she was trying to lose weight. She says it helps keep her on track and accountable. While I hadnt kept it a secret last year that I was trying to lose weight I also hadn't purposely put it out there so publicly. I wonder if it would truely help? The downside that immediately comes to mind is the "can you eat that?" I think I can handle that and am considering going public. Not only with the weightloss journey but another journey that I decided to tackle sometime last year.

I want to run a half marathon.

Wow, never thought I'd say those words. I do not consider mysef a runner, have never wanted to be a runner, swore I would only run when chased and my life depended on it. Something started changing in me last year and it was almost like a calling. Our city hosted a marathon that also had a half marathon element and I thought to myself that I could do that. I could run a half marathon. I can do anything I put my mind to. I kept getting little signs about running and the thought lingered in my mind for a few weeks and the clencher was the episode of The Biggest Loser when Rebecca closed with her running of a half. She was in tears knowing that if she could do this anyone could. She never imagined that she could have done something like that but now her life was changed.

I plan to begin the Couch to 5k training program and contineu beyond the 5k to run the half marathon here in my city in the fall.

Now I'm off to enjoy my Saturday, get a stopwatch, good sports bra and get going on the road to my half marathon!

Oh, I almost forgot. I lost 2.2lbs as of Wednesday. I have been 100% on program since last Saturday and intend to stay that way. Here's the scale shot of last Wednesday:

Sunday, January 24

No Longer M. I. A.

This blog began in January of last year when I vowed to start what was to be be my final weight loss journey. I was certain this time I would have the determination to see myself to goal..whatever that may end up being and stay there. I would get the weight off and keep it off permanently.

The year started off really well and by mid July I had lost 43lbs! I was very near half-way to goal. Then, I lost steam, willpower, determination etc. I soon started skipping weigh ins and all but abandoned this blog which I had also been adamant would not end up being one of those blogs/websites that starts off with loads of enthusiasm and progress only to lose steam and wind up being one of those found in searches that hasn’t been updated in eons. Poor little orphaned weight loss sites. I didn’t/don’t want mine to be like that! I also don’t want to be afraid of saying what I weigh or what I’ve lost. I had every intention of using the picture of my starting weight as the header picture for this blog last year and then post each scale picture as proof of my success, or lack thereof, each and every week. I was diligent about taking the pictures but never posted them and when success eluded me for more and more weeks in a row I stopped taking the weekly scale pictures. I need to begin that again.

This time will be different. I resolve to weigh every week no matter the results and post them here. I have to be accountable when the times are tough not just when I have success.

I have to take my before pics this week. I really appreciated being able to visualize the success before and have considered a slightly more drastic approach this time. More on that later.

Here’s to 2010.