Wednesday, March 25

Week 12 ~ Weigh In

I find myself at a loss for words this evening. I have had a very long day that started abruptly at 06:55 - the exact time I woke up and the exact time my sons bus passes. Ugh. This wouldn't have been so bad had I not simultaneously realized that my keys were on the passenger seat of my husbands vehicle which, as he was to begin his Fire Dept shift, was now in a neighboring town an hour away! I don't even have the energy to tell the long tale but let's just say I've felt like I've been in high gear all day trying to get everything done and everyone everywhere. I am finally home, kids fed, showered, most of the dishes done and as I finally sat down to post my Wednesday results I lost my wireless here at home - just after updating the pics thankfully. So now here I sit at our desktop computer. (gasp! lol)

All in all it was a good week. I'm down 1.6lbs which makes for a total of 3.8lb this past 4wks. I have to admit I was a little frustrated by that since I was down a full 2lbs yesterday and that would have put me into a lower decade weight wise but alas today's number is what it is and next week I just hope its somewhere around 2lbs less than today. So long as the trend is downward I am happy. I also don't see a big difference between the week 8 pics and the ones I took this morning (as I waited for my mother to come and get me so I could use her car). I really didn't expect a visual difference for less than 4lbs but I exchanged the backside pics for the side view. Something new for you to look at for the next 4 weeks. :)

I realize now that the little revert to my old ways a couple of weeks ago was SOOO not worth the effect it had of slowing my overall progress this month. I hope I can keep that in mind the next time Ben & Jerry's is calling my name from the freezer section.

I have begun posting pics in various places as daily reminders of how far I have come as well as a couple from the Summer of 2006 when I came within 20lbs of my goal weight only to allow myself to gain it all back. I do not wish to to have this be one of the times I lost weight but the time I lost the weight...and kept it off!

What types of things do the rest of you do to keep yourselves motivated?

*ok, so maybe I wasn't really at a loss for words but just plain tired...


Lucrecia said...

Holy wow - I see a huge difference in the side view! (we need to work on getting pictures from the same angle, I think it would be an even bigger change from straight on instead of from below)

Didn't we agree to only celebrate for anything 1.6 and above?!?! Isn't 25 further than you got last year? I know you will see a new decade next week!

Annalisa201 said...

Yeah, seriously, the side view is absolutely beautiful Melisa! If that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what could. As for the weight loss, you sure should be proud of going down and not up. It's not easy, remember that.

I've done a few things for motivation - as I posted on my sight, my DH took a picture of me refing my son's soccer game in what I thought was a flattering shirt... turned out that my mind's eye view of me in the mirror is completely distorted... the shirt makes me look as I am - Fat! LOL I was completely mortified to see me as others see me, and my determination has tripled. Another thing for motivation: - free. Submit your pictures, a couple days later they email you back the same picture looking 30-50lbs lighter (you decide how much weight they scan off). It's awesome to see the results before you get there.

You're doing great Melisa! Keep it up.

Laura911CO said...

"I really didn't expect a visual difference"...

Are you kidding me? You look fantastic. It's noticeable regardless of the view but the side view is amazing. I have to stuff myself into my Spanx to get anywhere close to that!! LOL!
Don't question or downplay your success, you're doing great. Can't wait to see you!

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