Wednesday, March 11

Week 10 ~ Weigh In

I have only myself to blame for the fact that I have basically stayed at the exact same place for two weeks! Hmmm, what would be a good word for not moving?...Stagnant maybe!? No, that's not good because I actually have been lower than 2 wks ago and HIGHER than 2wks ago. As of today I am down 0.2lbs from last wk which means I'm UP 0.2lbs from 2wks ago and sitting at 21.6lbs lost in 10wks. Yea, Yea, yea I know that 2.16lb/wk is a good average but I will still beat myself up a little that my total disregard for good decision making during the middle of last wk has cost me this week. It could have been worse, so much worse considering what I ate...and that I realized as I passed a pizza place on the way to the grocery store a few days ago that I left out one thing in my confession.....a trip to that pizza place for dinner one night were I didnt eat that much pizza but I did eat three pieces of Chocolate Chip pizza! oh my..that is evil-bad sinfully delicous stuff. I dont know how they make the pizza taste like cookie dough but if you've read my blog you'll know that cookie dough is a MAJOR weakness for me.

I now stop to count the blessing that is only a 0.2lb overall gain as of today.

I am still tracking my food al beit I have not gotten off my big tushy and done any exercise since entering the confessional on Monday but maybe tonight. Did I say maybe? Allow me to rephrase: I will workout tonight. For an hour. How's that?

Goals for this week:

1 - Track Everything!
2 - Get in all my water every day.
3 - Workout at least 4x!

Next week my goal will be to begin my the habit making process. I really want to start working out in the mornings and have done it enough times successfully to know that it is possible. I just have to do a wee bit of planning the night before!


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