Wednesday, February 25

Week 8 ~ Weigh In

Let me start by saying, Being sick stinks! I started feeling not quite right last Thursday afternoon but thankfully did not get really sick for several more days.

My husband pulled off a surprise birthday party for me on Saturday which was a complete and total shock. I had been feeling poor all day but thankfully, with some meds, I had a very good time and enjoyed having all the people over to our home. We hadn't had a big get together at our house since we moved in about a year and half before. Probably more because I wasnt feeling well I steered away from the food but did give in to several shots - after all it was MY birthday! :) (and they were shnapps type shots not hard liquor)

Sunday I spent most of the day on the couch. I braved work on Monday and spent the entire day in meetings! I mean from 8am until 4pm then bought meds on the way home and have basically been on the couch or in bed ever since. I've tried hard to stay hydrated but must admit have had little to no appetite and am certain this has something to do with the drastic change on the scale this week. Either Sun or Monday I was hoping to see just .2lbs more come off so I could reach my 20lb loss and today low and behold I was down not just the 2.2lbs I was really really hoping for but I was down 4.0lbs!

The loss this week bring me to 21.8lbs total loss in 8wks. I braved the progress photos this morning also despite feeling yucky. I see the changes mostly in my middle and can't wait to start seeing it in my hips! I'm sure there is plenty of time and pounds left to come off of my hips and I am making all the right choices to make it there as quickly as possible. I have a very long road ahead of me and just can't wait to get to the finish line.


Lucrecia said...

W O W - thats like biggest loser weight loss! Taking Nyquil always causes me to gain so I was a little worried for you! Even more impressive with having eaten out and having a party Sat night! I see a big difference in the pictures, but the 2nd one is kind of small! ;-)

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