Wednesday, April 1

2 week plan for Sizzle Challenge

Ok, so the way I read the "rules" I would have to create a plan for 2wks...and if old hat at the weight loss journey perhaps a menu plan. Well, I have definitely had my share of weight loss journey beginnings but I do not feel that I am old hat nor that I could make an entire 2wk menu that would actually be stuck to soooo...rather I will make some challenges for myself mainly for my diet and exercise.


1. Track every bite I eat - good or bad.
2. Limit the high point or "bad" days to one per week.
3. Try a new recipe within the next 2 weeks.


1. Get a minimum of 45min of exercise 4-5 days each week.
2. Get a pedometer so I can gauge my day to day activity level and ultimately join a distance challenge.


1. Take the time to read blogs of other challenge participants and lift them up both in success and struggles.
2. Find/make the time to blog at least once a week outside of the weekly weigh in.

I will revisit these original challenges to myself on each of the next two Wednesdays.


Lucrecia said...

Suprise surprise, I have my post 1/2 written on 2 week plans vs. 2 week menu. J isn't a planner at all (I know, how did we ever end up together??) and me planning out a menu for him to go by doesn't seem really fair. I like your plan, and I know you'll be able to stick to it!

Martha said...

I struggled with making a menu too but since I'm "goody two shoes" I made a menu for one day since I usually eat the same ol' thing. is a great way to track nutrition and fitness info :)

You can get a cheap pedometer at Wal-Mart for a few dollars, I hope it is not as confusing as mine. I have to measure my stride distance and I still don't think I have it figured out LOL.

Keep up the great work!

Lisa said...

Melissa, Thanks for the compliments. I don't really like showing so much skin, but It's the best way for me to actually judge just how far I come. It lets me see where the pouch is and show's the abs when I workout more consistant.y... actually, if you scroll through my previous posts, there is one from about 1 1/2 months ago where you could actually see the abs...then I got sidetracked again, and quit working out.

Seriously, I'm the girl who is afraid to take her t-shirt off when we go to the lake... I hate going to the pool, and I pretty much always look at the ground and try to stay hidden behind a towel when standing or just lay down so I'm not seen. Always have been very self concious of myself...

Lisa said...

PS... by seeing the pics you have posted here as your before and after, you are doing AWESOME!

David Showers said...

Okay hotshot - I set up the 25 pound challenge on - come and get it!

The Fricks said...

Hey Melisa,

I don't know why, but I just found your first comment on my post. So sorry I didn't respond earlier. Anyway, those are uncanny similarities...want another one...I'm on a weight loss journey too. Two babies back to back have done a number on my figure. I started the first of the year, lost 15 lbs and have hit a plateau, but am trying to work through it. Good luck on your journey and your blogs are really cool!

The Fricks said...

Oh, and I meant to tell you....YOU LOOK GREAT!! Congratulations on the weight loss!

Lisa said...

Today's lunch was suppost to be my treat of going to Subway for my Ham & Turkey Sub loaded with veggies, which is only about 290 calories with no cheese or dressing...but their line was WAY too long for my half hour I had that Turkey Sandwich at Arby's again... I should go check out my Calorie counter book to see what the actual calorie count is. I keep forgetting they put Mayo on it, so need to remember to have them skip the mayo... I was a GOOD girl and left the Mozz sticks and/or Fries right there at Arby's...LOL Totally confused the Manager that I didn't even ask for my Diet Pepsi... and changed up my usual. LOL... I'm a creature of habit

Mrs. Sheila said... is antoher great resource! Love the plan!

Stopping by to wish you a wonderful week! As you prepare your body this week, don't forget to prepare your heart too ~ to embrace Easter this year in a way you have never been able to before!

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