Wednesday, January 21

Wk 3 ~ Patience, and the lack there of..

Is it really possible that my metabolism is aging more quickly than my mind? Last year I began a similar journey of weight loss and better health that last about 12wks. The first week I lost 10lbs. I am now three weeks into this journey (the final one) and I have yet to lose 10lbs. Certainly the lack of "success" is not because I have not been 100% faithful to tracking my food nor have I done any moving outside of my own home! Goodness knows THAT can't be the reason!

I'm really good at praise for other people. I remind my friends that ANY loss is a victory and that its not one particular weigh in that defines our journey but the accumulation of even the smallest losses. So why was I disappointed this mornig with a 2.2lb loss!? I had really hoped for 6 or 7 tenths more to make it to or break thru the 10lb mark. I guess that victory will have to come next week along with the first progress pictures. I dont know that there will be any marked change but I have vowed to take pictures every 4wks. One day I will be able to use all those pictures to create the illusion that I went from obeset to healthy in seconds instead of months.


Steffi said...

Taking progress pictures is a great idea! I'm going to try to get brave enough to do that.

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