Thursday, January 1

It all begins (again) Today!

I’m not sure what made me decide that this time, the final time, I would blog my wt loss journey but here I am. I intend to post weekly weigh-ins and progress pictures periodically and but have no other set in stone intentions for this blog.

My New Year’s resolution is actually to become more organized. I think that being disorganized could be at the root of most of my problems/frustration. If only I could organize my schedule better than I would have time for exercise, I would shop more successfully (with lists)….heck, it might even lead to meal planning eventually (gasp). If my home were better organized I could do things more quickly and efficiently therefore saving time etc.

For the record, I will be doing WW online and exercising on my own. I feel like WW is the best fit for me because I can eat anything I want so long as I account for it. It teaches healthy eating and allows for celebrations etc and doesn’t keep me eating overpriced, prepackaged foods that do not allow the user to learn on their own a very important item: portion control! Enough about that, no I’m not being paid by WW to promote. I thought that 2008 was going to be my final journey on WW and successfully lost almost 30lbs in early 2008 only to allow myself to be steered off course and gain it all back!

I now am beginning, again, today. I know my current weight; have a stash of before pictures that will someday prove how far I came in my quest to lose 95lbs. Yep, you read that right. I want to lose 95lbs. Wow, just seeing that number is a bit daunting but I won’t focus on that number but rather the little steps, small successes and weekly Wednesday weigh-ins.
Here’s to feeling fine in 2009!


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