Tuesday, January 20

Making Time for Me

I have been thinking all week about women's "Fat days"...you know what I'm talking about girls. However, tonight as I left work 12hrs after I arrived and pondered what light dinner I could have when I get home, how was I gonna get in my workout tonight etc I realized I had a bigger problem than occasional Fat days so that will have to wait for another day.

This year I had vowed to make multiple changes in my life: eat better, move more, get organized, but the hardest change has proven to be making time for me. I have a demanding job, a husband who is gone approximately 14 days a month, and two kids who I would do anything for and typically any of these things get presidence over making time for me. This is not atypical for most women and or mothers. We put everyone elses needs ahead of ours but don't we hear that if we take care of ourselves it will better enable us to care for others? I know that if I could just learn to make time for me I will feel better and subsequently be a better mother, wife, employee and boss yet I just can't seem to even make the time to track my food during the day. Heck, I eat two of my meals each day at my desk! I know this isn't good but haven't yet been able to break the cycle.

I think I will have to tackle this just as I have the effort to move more...baby steps. I think this week I will try simply to take my lunch time for me. Even if it remains at my desk, I will close my office door and not do work things for at least 30min. I could use that time to track my food or call my Grandmother who I haven't spoken to since Christmas Eve. Perhaps a time for change needs to start with time for me.


Laura911CO said...

Yet another parallel in our lives. I have a book titled, "If Not Now, When?" about reclaiming ourselves at midlife. Now I realize you are too young for the "midlife" part, but the rest rings true. "If I am not for myself, who is for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if now now, when? I think your time is now. You deserve it!! {{hugs}}

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