Thursday, January 8

Wednesday Weigh In

Oddly enough on my first weekly weigh in I ended up with no time to post my was too busy and as I finally sat down with my laptop at the end of the night my mother came over and stayed til past midnight. Normally these would sound like excuses not to post a bad weigh in and this was not the case this week. I lost 5.4lbs! A very good start. Sadly, the number is still so grossly large I would never imagine certain people in my life knowing just how much I weigh.

Tonight was somewhat liberating. I actually spoke with my mom freely about just how deep my troubles with food went. You see, I have been obsessed with food for as long as I can remember. As a child I would think of food almost constantly. I have never had self control. I would never eat just one piece of something or until I was satisfied but instead I would go back for more and more until the food that I wanted/liked was all gone. I actually think that somehow this food obsession is genetic because my daughter seems to exhibit similar food tendancies as I did as a child. This is a big reason why I feel the need to change my habits now, while my daughter is still at an impressionable enough age that she might learn from me how better to relate to food. I want her to have a more active life than we lead right now.

What I do I do for me, to be healthier and stronger but why I do what I do is because of her.


Lucrecia said...

YAY! I can comment!!

Congrats on your 5 pound loss!

Melisa said...

Yep! Yea it worked. Thx for the congrats. Now to tweak a few more things...

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