Wednesday, January 14

Wk 2 ~ The Pain of Loss

No, not the loss of a person or other such things. I’m talking about the pain of weight loss.

Do you ever wonder why they don’t discuss the pain associated with intense workouts on the show The Biggest Loser? I have began my umpteenth weight loss journey this year by eating right and thus far simply doing Wii Fit Aerobics and balance games. Even as I type my calves are so sore its almost unbarable to clinch them tight, my thighs waver taking the stairs at work and the muscles on back ache from virtual boxing. Doesn’t it stand to reason that these morbidly obese contestants, most of which have never worked out before, must suffer from horrible soreness after the sudden onslaught of all day workouts and the dreaded last chance workout!? Don’t they wake some days almost unable to get out of bed? Do they care so long as the number on the scale goes down at the weekly WI?

This week I would have to say the pain was worth it. The number on the scale went down 1.8 lbs for me this week. Two weeks into 2009 and 7.2lbs lost. No rest for the weary…I’m off to try kick week three off – maybe I’ll discover a new muscle by making it scream in pain. haha


Lucrecia said...

Go M! Congrats on the loss! What were you doing that made your calves sore?

Steffi said...

It is strange that they don't account for the sheer pain on TBL. It seems like the only time we hear about pain is during the first week, when the people who are about to get voted off keep talking about it.

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