Sunday, January 11

Move More

Eleven days into the new year and I would have expected by now to be taking long brisk walks around the neighborhood or on the tredmill in the weightroom. Who knew I would have found such a fun and effective way to burn calories and work out muscles that have been close to stagnant for way too long.

I am proud that I have already logged so much time playing virtual hula hoop, skiing, stepping to the beat and even catching fish as a penguin. I dont' know that it has the same effect as hip hop step classes I've taken in the past but I have spent 4hrs and 28min of the last eleven days moving more than I have in any other eleven days in many many months. I hope this is the start of a more active me and that it helps in my quest to finally be rid of all this excess weight I've been carrying for entirely too long.


Laura911CO said...

Okay, now you make me feel like a slug because I haven't been to the gym ONCE in 2009!! I did however work for eight solid hours on my bathroom makeover so that has to coung for something!!

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