Tuesday, January 27

Obsess much?

Are we as women wired so as to obsess more easily and often than our male counterparts?

Have we not all spent countless hours considering every minute detail about a decision or issue, sometimes that are not even in the realm of our control?

I myself have obsessed the most in my life about food. Big surprise huh? I have spent entirely too much time in my life considering what I could cook, bake, buy, eat...you get the picture. I wouldn't be here, writing about my stuggle to lose weight if I didn't have such a love, love to have a little more relationship with all things delicious now would I?

I have at times illuded to persons in my life that I am a secret eater but I don't think I've ever told ANYONE to what extreme that meant. Sadly I have memories that go way back into my childhood about sneaking just one more piece of fudge, one more rice crispy treat or one more batch of cookie dough. (Do you know anyone else who has the 1/4 batch of choc chip cookie dough memorized!?). Seriously, I do. I can not tell you how many batches of that I've made over the years for the sole purpose of eating, raw right out of the bowl. I have done variations (rarely including choc chips) that typically include walnuts, occassionally oatmeal & cinnamon and I have even made peanut butter cookie dough sometimes.

I guess you could say I owe my current struggle to my lifelong obession with food. I know no kinds of obsessions are good but right here, right now, I would trade an obsession with food for an obsession with exercise. :)

I think this time around I am feeling that if I don't lay it all on the line and make this journey more public that I will find it too easy to quit. In order to keep myself from being able to even slack off I have started this blog & begun putting it out there where people can find it. I have asked a guy at wk that doesn't struggle with wt & works out that I report my weekly weigh in to him because I feel like knowing that I have to tell him how much I lost will keep me from slacking, I hope that's true. I have even felt that until I post my actual weight on this blog I won't be truly honest - but who needs to be so honest all at once? I think I'll take this one confession at a time.

Did I mention I am also somewhat obsessed with the scale? That can wait for another day.


Laura911CO said...

Seriously, I think we are sisters separated at birth (okay, also separated by a decade or so but we won't go there!!)

I don't have the 1/4 recipe for cookies memorized but I do have the 1/4 recipe for popcorn balls memorized. In fact, I've made them so many times throughout my lifetime that I don't even have to use a candy thermometer to determine when it's reached the 'soft ball' stage. I can to that simply by the consistancy & taste of the syrup. Oh my......... :=/

P.S. The syrup is make of water, corn syrup, butter, sugar, & vanilla. That can't be good!!

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