Friday, April 24

33 days . . .

That’s all the time I have left to shed more pounds and/or get more fit before I head to Florida for a family wedding and vacation. The trip started out so far in the distance that I’d actually made the lofty goal to lose 55lbs between the beginning of this year and departure for my trip. Now it is obvious to me that I will not reach my original goal of 55lbs but I am not the least bit upset because: 1 – I knew that to maintain an average weight loss of 2.6lbs a week, every week, for 21 weeks was lofty but was set intentionally to make myself aim high. 2 – I actually have maintained, thus far, an average of 2lbs/wk for 16wks now and that ain’t shabby!

Now comes the fear. It’s not that I feel as if I can’t continue to try for the next 5wks, I mean, I’ve been at this for over three times as many weeks already but the fact that I have had only minor challenges to overcome during this journey thus far. I had my birthday, Valentine’s day, my hubby’s birthday, Easter etc. but out of the remaining 33days I will be gone, out of town, out of control (for the most part) of what I will be served to eat, for 15 of those days! I don’t want to settle for simply maintaining my current loss – although that in and of itself would be a victory. No, I want to continue to move the scale down and so I knew I had to have a plan!

I will spare you the entire thing and for now concentrate on the trip that begins tomorrow morning. I leave for 10days most of which most will be spent at a gorgeous golf/education resort in West Virginia. I have been there before but still did some homework and checked out the resorts website. While some rooms have refrigerators, none have microwaves. They have a very small gym and lots and lots of gorgeous areas to walk. I called ahead and found out that the area I will be staying in is not apt to have a refrigerator in my room but they will put one in my room if it is requested! Yea!! So, as soon as I arrive I will request one and make a trip to the local grocery store to stock up on healthy snacks, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk & probably some cereal. This puts the food situation a little more in my control. I’ll be packing my exercise clothes and walking shoes for good cardio walking the grounds (or on the treadmill in the event of inclement weather) and have finally broken open a couple of DVDs I bought back In January. I will be able to do the Hip Hop Party and Biggest Loser Bootcamp in the privacy of my own room. Lastly, and this may seem the most odd, I’m packing my scale and taking it with me! You see, this particular trip will conclude with 3days spent at my grandparent’s house. Oh, I can already taste the homemade bread, toast w/ apple butter and other such wonderful things. I must keep my indulgences in moderation and for me weighing daily keeps me in check so being able to weigh while away will keep me from simply thinking I’m doing well and possibly being shocked by the scale when I return home.

*big sigh* I think that, in preparation, I’ve done all that I can do to ensure this trip is not a stumble on my weight loss journey but instead allows for continued successful weight loss weeks. I’ve been so afraid of what effects this (and the next) trip will have on me but the more I think about it, I realize this may in fact be a more successful than normal week for me exercise wise in that I have no children to get ready for school, to pick up from school, to cook and clean for, take to practice etc. Outside of the actual classes I will be attending ALL of the other time will be MY time. What a concept!?

This may actually mean I have more time to post as well. We shall see. Wish me luck, say a prayer etc. I hope to prove that I’ve been nervous for nothing…..


Annalisa201 said...

ooooh... Have fun! I'll say a prayer for you, but it's up to you now honey. I'm sure you'll do great, because you have proven that you always do (or mostly, which is as good as it gets really).

HAVE FUN! Enjoy your time away from work.

Lucrecia said...

If it were any of my other friends I'd be really worried, but if anyone can face a challenge like this and come out on top it is you! GREAT idea to take the scale with you!

Laura said...

you can do this!!!!!

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