Wednesday, April 15

Wk 15 Weigh In ~ SHFSC Wk 2

I'm mad.

I had started a post earlier today, painstakingly added my links, sat here in the Drs office finishing it when I went to highlight the entire post to change my font (you know, one of those incredibly important things...)

MY ENTIRE POST DISAPPEARED!!! What did I do!? Before I could exit out so it wouldnt auto save...guess what?! It auto saved!!! GONE!

I'm too mad at this point to start all over.

I lost 2.2lbs this week. That brings me to an annual low...lower than I got to last year. I was happy about that but now I'm just annoyed.


Anonymous said...

sorry about the post disappearing..But YEAHHHHHH on your weigh in..Great Job!!

Lisa said...

I HATE that... can't stand when I type up an entire post and the Cyber Monsters attack...

Congrats on your annual Low. You are doing great and you look great too. Keep up the great job!


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