Wednesday, April 29

Week 17 Weigh In ~ SH4SC Wk 4

Woo Hoo! I am so happy that I made the commitment before this trip to make the best of it. Had I not planned (I'm not a planner) to ensure I could make this a successful week I am certain I would have made much different choices along the way while convincing myself that I was "doing ok" and then probably been shocked to see a gain come Wk 5 WI...

Well, I'm happy to say that my 2/day workouts and very conscientious decisions of just what I allowed myself to eat paid off!! I didn't gain on this trip, I didn't even maintain, which would have been a victory in and of itself. This week, and thus far on my trip, I have lost 1.4lbs! For that, I am ecstatic!!

This brings me to a total of 33.4lbs lost tso far this year and 5.2lbs this month in the Sizzling Hot for Summer Challenge.

I wanna thank Shiela for challenging us to our Last Chance workouts. I have enjoyed the programmability of the stair stepper and treadmills in the gym here where I am staying and yesterday really stepped it up to meet the challenge and got myself up to 4.5mph on the "fast" intervals. This is big people! At that speed I can't just power walk I actually have to start the trot and that isn't a pretty sight so this is big! Especially for someone who detests running. So much so that I have been quoted as saying, "I will run...when I'm being chased...and my life depends on it!" (of course 33lbs ago, heck, even now that might not get me very far before I'm captured! ;)

I hope the rest of you are having a wonderful week as well.

Let's really make this next week count my Sizzlin' Sistas!! My goal is to lose enough to change my "I lost 30" to an "I lost 35lbs" banner. What are your goals for this next week?


Mama Bear June said...

Very cool! You are doing an amazing job. Congrats!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Yay!! You have done so well, and I am very proud of you! Thanks for joinin us, and for sharing in your victory!

Laurie said...

Hey! I just started following your blog after starting one of my own. Keep up the great work! :-)

Mrs. Sheila said...

Just wanted to let you know week 4 stats are posted!

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