Saturday, April 18

I work(out) best under Pressure

I think I have finally figured out the key to my getting my workouts in. It makes no sense to me but I do believe it's true. I get them done when I'm most pressed for time. Kinda like I love a challenge. (who woulda guessed! :)

I do prefer to get them in first thing in the morning and even that is somewhat of a race. I always get up at 6am and if I'm going to get a 45min workout in then I get up brush my teeth, empty the bladder & get dressed. I wake up my son, and wake up my son, and wake up my son...when he's finally awake ~ about 6:15 I can begin my workout. By the time I've started my cooldown he's kissing me goodbye to catch his bus. When I'm done I jump in the shower and after I wake my daughter (about 715am). She leaves at 745 and I typically follow her out the door. Its kinda like a challenge/race to get it in and simply starting the day with a workout starts my day better. I feel better, I eat better etc.

If I don't get it done in the morning I have been known to leave work just early enough to get home and get food in the oven, dinner started etc so I can get my workout in while dinner cooks. I can be done in time to eat and let my kids change to get to the practice of the day. Why does this work for me as opposed to having oh say, all day open, lik eon the weekend, and not getting my workout in as soon as I get up adn while all the others are sleeping or in the afternoon while laundry is washing/drying or in the evening instead of holidng the couch down and surfing the internet or watching shows on my DVR?! I don't know why this is but after the past few weeks and truly opening my eyes to when I workout versus when I put it off I have come to realize I get it done when it seems like a challenge to get it in and done.

I don't know why I would want to add stress to my life or want to feel the tick of the clock but it is what it is. Now how can this realization help me? I guess I can schedule my workouts just like I do all the rest of my life. Meetings, husbands shifts, kids practices and games etc. Maybe that is what I need to challenge myself to do. Schedule this time for myself and get it done!

Anyone else have a similar struggle with workouts?

I also think I have a somewhat skewed opinion of when I've eaten off plan versus when I truly have gone overboard....but we'll save that for another time.


Lisa said...

It's possible too that when you excercise during busy times, it helps you to relieve some of the stress of all the things that need done... Good for you for making the time to do this for yourself. you are donig an awesome job so keep up the gret work!


Heather T said...

That is really good that you are making the time to exercise. I hope I can get into some sort of routine to get it done.

Lucrecia said...

I think on the weekends we keep thinking we will do it later. I'd love to do mine in the morning, but alas, I'm not pulling myself out of bed at 5 am anytime soon. At least you are getting them in, last week I was NOT so good!

Mama Bear June said...

It's great that you've figured out your way to get things done! We need to keep moving! Great job.

Martha said...

It is great you're fitting exercise into your routine, I need to do that. The day passes by so fast that it's evening time and I am too exhausted to work out :o) so kudos to you!

foolsfitness said...

I make it a game with workouts. Can I make Pi (3.14) miles in an hour or can I do 5 miles in under an hour and a half?

I've even set up prizes I can win to give myself.

There will rarely be a perfect attendance at the workout schedule for me, but I also try to see it as a business. If I skipped work that many times I'd be fired! If I'll play the lottery at a slim to no chance of winning why don't I bet on myself? Will I invest in the business of myself?

It's all about head games at foolsfitness!- Alan

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