Wednesday, April 22

Week 16 Weigh In ~ SH4SC Wk 3

Chalk this week up to a success! I worked out (once) and kept an eye on my food despite basically being up for 36hrs in a row from Fri a.m. til Sat night - thank you night shift. I was really afraid I had slipped up pretty bad over that time period but when I went back and logged everyting and hadn't actually been "bad". Guess the lack of sleep had me dizzy.

Oh, and since the one time I did workout was on Tuesday I'm counting that as my lastchance workout that Shiela challenged us to - cuz, well, it was more intense than any other workouts that week! :)

I know, I know, I gotta get back in gear.

I lost 1.2lbs this week which for me makes a total of 32lbs even in 16weeks. Ok, so that makes for easy math right? Anyone else become a math genius when it comes to weight loss calculations? I find myself constantly figuring out my average weekly loss, if I loss "x" amount every wk from now til ___ I will be to goal by ____. I'm not normally an obsessive person but I am an impatient one. The most impressive calculation I have this week is that as of today I've lost 1/3 of the weight that I want to lose! That seems impressive...until I realize that means I have 2/3 of the way yet to go....

Ahh, who ever said losing weight was easy? that's easy . . . but not something I wanna allow myself to do anymore.

Oh, and I've finally gotten back to smoothies! I loved these last year. This morning I had one made with frozen peaches, banana (that I froze), orange juice, & fat free vanilla yogurt. It was delicious!! (oh yea, had to add 1/4c 1%milk to thin it some)


Annalisa201 said...

Yummy smoothie! Mine have all been so liquidy... think I'll start freezing some fruit!

As for the mouse - I decided not to tell him last night, and confessed in the morning. He said "I know. I saw." I was like WHAT?!? Are you okay? I'm sorry! I... he cut me off and said "It's okay." Phew!!! He laughed when I said his name was Tim, and had no comment when I took him out to show off how cute he was :)

Lucrecia said...

YAY!!! So happy you had a good loss! You've inspired me to push for 32 by 16 weeks! I think I can do it, if I can just keep the crap out of my mouth. So far so good today :-) J is wimping out on the walking every night so I'm going to start doing MFC again on nights we don't walk. I'm too skerred to go walking that far by myself!

Laura said...

Way to go on the loss!!! Keep it up! :-)

Ang said...

congrats on your loss and that it's adding up..YEAH!!!!!!!!

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