Wednesday, April 15

Wk 15 - SHFSC Wk 2 WI - TAKE 2

Ok, I doubt I could re-create my original post exactly but I did try to include all the elements - here is my 2nd attempt:

This week, I sucked. I had a 2 week plan and did well with it the first week. This week, not so much. I didn’t track, I didn’t post other than my WI last week, I even had a hard time supporting my fellow bloggers. I am reading, I promise, I’m trying to keep up but with some of you posting everyday I have a hard time. My apologies. The worst of it is that I did not exercise. Did you hear that? I did not exercise…at all! I intended to post about how I think I finally figured out just why it is I don’t always get my workouts in but I will save that for later in the week.

Now, just because there are so many things I didn’t do lose weight was not one of the didn’t dos. Yesterday I hit an annual low. I got lower on the scale than I had managed to get to last year before I allowed it to creep back up. I was so excited yet scared that today somehow I would have a gain and not be able to do the "official" happy dance. As a side note, who would have guessed that Lucrecia and I would both hit annual lows on the very same day?! It’s almost scary how in synch we have been lately and so long as we’re in synch with weight loss I’m more than fine with that!

So, I am officially down 2.2lbs this week which puts me at a total loss of 30.8lbs so far! Last year I only got to 29.2lbs lost so my main focus for the next couple weeks will be to keep the numbers getting smaller.

Look, I have a new badge on the right of my blog thanks to Fitago – I’ve lost 30lbs!!
As for Shiela’s challenge for this week, I don’t really track measurements when modifying recipes but I will tell you that one of my favorites so far this year has been my version of a Turkey Meatloaf. I have substituted turkey for the ground beef in a lot of things this year but when it comes to meatloaf I just can’t bring myself to do solely turkey so the one I loved the most went something like this: 1 pkg Jennie-O extra lean turkey, ¾ lb extra lean ground beef (I used a 96/4), egg whites in stead of whole eggs, Panko bread crumbs rather than traditional, various seasonings and a bit of ketchup. I shaped it in a loaf and topped it with a little more ketchup. About an hour later I had one of the tastiests meatloafs I’ve had in a very long time. My daughter and mother even commented on how good it was. Maybe I should have tracked the specifics so that I could recreate it. Hmmm

I had challenged myself to try at least one new recipe each month this year and so since I failed at giving a specific recipe this time I will share with you all now what I plan on trying next: Slow Cooker Lasagna. I will try to give a review when I finally get it made.

Here’s to a great week for all of my Sizzling Sistas!


Christine said...

Congrats on hitting 30!!! That is so awesome!

That slow cooker lasagna is a great idea, I should try that.

I hope next week goes better with the exercise. <3

Lisa said...

Way to go on hitting the 30 lbs lost. That is so awesome. I know how you feel as that is the number I hit two years ago when I went from 168 to 138. It's a GREAT feeling. Keep up the motivation and great work! Lisa

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your new weigh in and your new all time low..How exciting for you..Keep up the great work

Lucrecia said...

You forgot to mention that no only are we on the same pace as far as loss - we both had "bad" weeks last week and yet lost more than the week before? What the heck is wrong with us?? :-) Maybe we need more bad weeks? OR Saturdays spent with the girls! I bet THAT is what made the difference! Did you work out yesterday? Or this morning? Congrats on 30! I pray I can hit that by week 14 too!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are an inspiration to me! Keep up the fabulous work :) I wish I lost that 2 pounds instead of gaining the one pound for this week's weigh-in :(

You're well on your way, keep up the fabulous work!!

P.S. That meat loaf sounds so yummy, it is making my tummy growl :o)

Anonymous said...

Pfft, I know I said "keep up the fabulous work" twice but hey that means I really really mean it :)

David Showers said...

Great job on the weight loss!

As you know we both lost 2 pounds, but I'm afraid I'm not doing good this week. I've been real bad with my food intake.

Keep going and keep inspiring us!

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