Monday, July 13

Where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going

I was recently trying to better organize my closet and drawers etc when I came across a couple of dresses that inspired this post.

The first dress is one that I bought for my brothers wedding in October of last year. I wore this same dress for our company Christmas party in December and distinctly recall feeling HUGE that night and hating the picture that was taken of all of the people from my department. I wondered what I weighed then and how different the dress would look now that I've lost weight. Well, rather than try to describe for you the difference let's take a look at photographic evidence shall we?

This is the picture taken at our Company Christmas party. I went back and looked at my weight tracker on WW and I weighed around 5lbs less when this was taken than I did at the beginning of the year when I started this particular journey and blog.

This is where I've been:

The next picture was taken today, 27 1/2 weeks into my weightloss journey and around 37lbs less than in the previous picture.

This is where I am:

(I realize the original picture isn't the best but I think you really can see the difference in size of my booty!)

I also saw a dress hanging there, so lonely in my closet, that I wore when we went on a cruise with a large group of friends back in 2006. At that time I was 20lbs from where I think I would be happy as a goal weight. Silly, silly girl. Why did you let yourself get so big again? So I thought that it might be just as worthwhile to see where I am currently in that same dress vs. where I hope to one day be. (again)

This is where I am: (apologies for the girls being so prominently displayed but, well, the dress covered more when there was less to cover! :)

This is where I want to be: (relatively anyway)

*at the time of posting I was unable to find the full length pic of me in this dress. I guess it was taken by someone else. I will have to find it and scan it later today.

Pictures really do say a lot don't they? I am due to take another update picture this week as well and I'm thinking it's time for me to find a new outfit that will continue to show the progress I make from here forward. The current shirt is so large now it just isn't a good choice anymore.

I am hoping these pictures will remind me of where I've been (and never want to go back), of where I am (and have worked hard to get here...again) and of where I'm going...only this time I'm setting up permant residence in Maintenanceville!!


Mama Bear June said...

Pictures really are helpful when it's hard for us to see in the mirror for ourselves. You look great! And I know you'll continue to progress and get exactly where you want to be.

Anonymous said...

Pictures do help, that's for sure. Maybe that's why I was always the one that was taking the pictures instead of the pictures being taken of me.
I have to say that no matter what size you were, you are beautiful. But I also know that you must not have felt good at all at your higher weight and you must have felt terrific at your lower weight. I understand because I've been there. To know what it's like to be thin and not have the backches and such is a wonderful thing because you know, like you said, where you want to be. Good job and keep it up!

Martha said...

Oh my goodness, your booty went away :) it's nice and lean now!! (Hopefully that didn't make me sound weird LOL)

You're gorgeous, your body carries your weight so well that you're wonderfully curvy. I wish I was that proportionate :o)

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