Friday, July 24

Week 29 Weigh In ~ Going the wrong way

UGH! 3lb gain this week. I did really well during the known challenges, birthday celebrations etc. Unscheduled night shift and then, probably in the wake of being tired and aggrevated on Monday I started down the slippery slope of bad choices. I ate too much or just plain "bad" things and sadly have not yet broken hold of this compulsion to eat and eat and eat.

It does seem a cycle with me every so many months to have a set back yet other than realizing I'm in one I have yet to figure out how to break free from it - or better yet, avoid it all together.

I guess I have many months and pounds to figure this out so that maybe, just maybe, when I get to maintenance I might not have to struggle to STOP overeating but be able to stop it before it begins.

I'm back to 40lbs lost and I am still proud of myself. I need to get my latest update pictures taken and posted. Definitely will be in a different shirt because I lost the one I had been using on a tube shut when floating a local river yesterday. Yes, I sat in a tube and floated a river for 4-5hrs yesterday and THAT wouldn't have happened 40lbs ago!

Anyone out there have any suggestions on how to stop a binge either before it starts or while in the throws of it?


Lucrecia said...

Well THAT explains why I can't seem to get back on track 100%! Can you snap out of it so I can start losing again please? ;-)

I think sometimes the stress we put on ourselves to be perfect or hit a certain goal just becomes too much. It would be helpful if we could find a nice slow middle ground, but that really wouldn't be us would it? I know you will be back on track tomorrow, I'll make sure it at least starts the right way! Love you!

Christine said...

Ideas to stop a binge: keep things out of the house, or keep yourself out of the kitchen. Take a hot bath, make a hot low calorie beverage. Brush your teeth, chew gum. Call a friend. Keep cut up fresh veggies ready in water in the fridge. Drink lots of water to curb off false hunger that comes with dehydration. Eat a pickle. Go for a walk. Distract, distract, distract. And when nothing works ----- pick yourself back up, dust off the crumbs, and start fresh tomorrow!

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