Wednesday, July 15

Week 28 Weigh In

Short post, having friends over for dinner and doubt I'll get on the computer at all tonight so before I leave work I thought I'd let the blog world know, because I know you are anxious to know, that this week I lost another 1.6lbs this week!! Yea. I've been really, really good with food and had one good long walk.

That brings me to a total of 43lbs gone....forever this time!

Now I'm off to slice red potatoes and grill a bunch of chicken. I even made a WW dip and bought one bag of baked scoops. The guys will eat the regular chips as they drink beer. I will enjoy in much moderation as I have been saving up for a splurge this coming Friday. Girlfriends + birthday = time to let loose - - at least a little! :)


Sheila said...

Isn't it funny how different plans work for different people!! Just goes to show God knit us all different! :) Congrats on your loss.

Annalisa201 said...

YAY! Congrats on the loss. The pictures on the last post are a great motivation. It's funny how much more powerful pictures are than the scale... Anyway, good for you on bringing baked chips for yourself. I kinda did the same thing today - made baked potatoes with chili for lunch, but I had a sweet potato while everyone else had regular potatoes. It's small choices like that that will really add up. Have fun at the B-day party!

Mama Bear June said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And congrats on the loss. I just LOVE your new profile photo. You look wonderful!

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