Sunday, July 5


I switched back to following Weight Watchers first thing Wednesday morning after doing low carb for three weeks.

I have been journaling all of my food and haven't gone over my points. If anything I've had a low point day but it wasn't intentional. I've also struggled with the points juggling on the days I work overnight and end up being up for 24hrs or so.

The best part of my week thus far is that thanks to a good
friend I've finally started moving again! I've joined her for nice long walks twice in the last three days. Luckily for me she has a cool iphone with an app for telling us just how far we've walked, how long it took us, average MPH etc. :) After not doing anything for almost a month I've walked almost 9miles in the past few days. My calves are sore and surprisingly my back is tight. Maybe its the inclines? I've kinda missed the soreness of repairing muscles. Is this what was meant by hurts so good? :0)

The scale is up 1 1/2lbs from Wednesdays weigh in and I'm trying hard to convince myself that it is but a temporary thing that what the scale says matters less than the fact that I'm eating right and exercising.

My biggest concern of late is that as I've said, I'm feeling thinner and better and typically when this starts happening is when I allow myself to slide so I'm making a concentrated effort to stay on track.


Lucrecia said...

We've joined her? You and the mouse in your pocket?? ;-) Even if you were carrying a stow away, I'm glad you joined me, I wouldn't have gone yesterday without you!

I'm hoping that by now the 1 1/2 pounds are history and you are firmly back in the losing realm. No cheating, only 230 days left!! It will all be so worth it come Feb!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing great! If I've learned anything the last month or so it is that exercise is the key. Great job on the walking!

Martha said...

I adore your default picture, you look so lean. I can see it in your face!! :)

It's normal to gain weight when switching diets, your body is trying to make sense of it all. You'll be back on track in no time :D

Annalisa201 said...

You're profile picture is AMAZING!!! You're definetly losing weight, despite the scale trouble. I had the same thing, increased effort, up 2 lbs. Then this morning, I lost those 2 lbs plus 1.5 more! :) Don't think about the number because it's just passing by.

I've given you an award over on my site if you want to come pick it up anytime. Thanks Melisa for your support. You'll make it, just remember to keep moving!

Christine said...

The scale isn't an accurate guage, it stalls sometimes. But work through the stall and it will go down again soon. Congrats on that 9 miles that's awesome! Keep walking!

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