Sunday, February 1

Gotta get moving

Perhaps the picture above that shows my Wii Fit telling me my Wii age was 32yrs more than my actual age was a good indication of the fact that somehow I had let almost a week go by without doing even the Wii Fit! I really just hadnt realized it had been so long. It was not out of any intention to dodge exercise.
Today I decided it was time to make some more changes. I went out specifically to get things that would make it harder for me to not work out! I finally got new ear buds for my MP3 player (already loaded more songs on it a few days ago), I got a stationary stepper so I can step in place while watching my DVR shows like the Biggest Loser, I also got a couple of new workout DVDs. I'll withold the names of the DVDs until I've had a chance to try them out and give a review, for whatever my review might mean to anyone.
I have decided that as part of my "insurance" to stay on track that I would allow myself some sort of treat once a week. This has somehow turned into the baking of a weekly diet cola cake.* This past Friday I made a spice cake and had my piece while it was still very warm out of the oven. About an hour or two later I thought it wouldnt be too big of a deal if I had just a little more...but I wasn't able to because the cake was GONE! I mean, completely missing...pan wiped clean by little fingers. Seems my children and husband love the "diet" cakes even more than I do! Now we all know that no matter how much "better" the cake was it wasn't good to devour the entire thing in one evening..but hey, this time it wasn't me who ate it! :)
*for those of you unfamiliar with diet cola cake it is actually very simple, you buy a standard cake mix, any flavor, any kind (I've used reduced sugar ones etc) and when you go to make the cake you add ONLY one 12oz can of a diet cola of your choice. That's it, no water, no oil, no eggs. This bakes a great moist cake that has less fat, calories, & cholesterol than a normal cake. The varieties are endless: white cake w/ sprite zero, chocolate cake w/ diet cola, if you use white or yellow cake w/ a "flavored" soda I dont know how much of that flavor will truly be tasted in the end product but I know others who have done diet Big Red in white cake, or diet root beer. I'm sure you get the picture.


Lucrecia said...

WOW - I see a big difference through your middle in your 2nd picture! Now I'm wishing I'd done more form fitting clothes! Dang it, I AM doing pictures tonight!

Lucrecia said...

Oh, and I need you to send me yalls Miis, have you hooked it up to the wireless yet?

Laura911CO said...

Melisa, Lucrecia is absolutely right. You can really tell a difference through the middle! Yay!!! Wish I would have had the foresight (sp?) to take pictures when I started this little journey. But who wants to document that size???

As for the diet cake, I've never heard of it but rest assured, we'll be trying it this week! (We would be trying it tonight but the only mix I have is for Pineapple Upside Down Cake & the only pop I have is Diet Coke. Even I don't think that sounds like a good combination!

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