Wednesday, February 18

Wk 7 Weigh In

What should I start with this weeks results or all the reasons excuses that may have attributed to my first "slow" week? Well, as I am so good about reminding other people, a loss is a loss. I am thankful that the number went down as opposed to staying the same, or dare I say...went up. I know that in the long run there will be times when the amount lost on any given week will not be exactly what I want it to be and that the focus should be on the big picture: I am losing, I am making changes, I am getting healthier and most importantly, I am still committed to making it to goal!

I know all these things and yet I was still upset to see that the scale was only 0.4lbs less this week than last week. Overall that means that in 7wks I have dropped 17.8lbs and that averages to a very impressive 2.6lbs per week. (yes, Crecia 2.6lb/wk...I think I'm getting worried)

I will continue to track my points, drink my water, and exercise, at minimum, every other day. I must admit that next week I hope the zero and the four will trade places around the decimal. I had hoped that by my 8wk weigh in and progress photos that I would be at 22lbs lost. If I'm not, I won't give up....but I can still hope. :)


Lucrecia said...

You are so so close to 20!!! You can absolutely make that this week! With a birthday and valentines last week you should be proud for any loss!!

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