Wednesday, February 4

Wk 5 ~ Weigh In

This week I just never got up and moved. I was afraid I might have already begun a backslide but was able to keep up my motivation with the purchases I made on Sunday and will try one of my new DVDs in a little bit.

I haven't yet decided if I think the stepper was worth the investment. It did make my calves feel as if they were on fire with just 5min of use however, after a brief rest I did another 4min...bring back the burn..and the next day I was only a little sore climbing the stairs at work. The next day (today) nothing. I dont know if it was because I didnt do enough time or if it truly doesn't give a good workout. Either way its a little clunky but I will give it another try before I turn it in for a good old fashion step. I always loved step classes and have incorporated some of the movements from those classes into my free step time on the Wii board.

Oh, and, I absolutely don't know how with only good and healthy food choices I was able to lose 3lbs this week but I did and that means that I've lost a total of 15lbs in 5 wks. Pretty incredible and yet right on with where I want to be in order to make the goal I have set for myself for May 31st.

Lastly, I booked a vacation today that will take place the end of February next year so despite the fact that I have set a 10lb every 4 wk short term goal for myself I now also have a good target for my long term goal. I think I'll have to add tickers to my side bar for a countdown to the vacation and perhaps a show of how far I have come and have yet to go if I'm gonna make my mark for May.


Lucrecia said...

That is AWESOME!!!

Laura911CO said...

So let me guess? A cruise??? LOL!! Tell me all about it. I'm considering a cruise next year for Ty's graduation but we'll see how finances are then.

Keep me posted on the DVD reviews, talk to you soon.

Di said...

Keep up the good work! You're doing awesome!

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