Tuesday, September 1

There is always Tomorrow....

Wow, has it really been almost an entire months since I last blogged? I kept meaning to do it....tomorrow. Why do we seem to put off everything, to justify our "cheats" by saying we can always start again tomorrow? I know that I am guilty of this. Heck, all of my diet days would be perfect diets days if only they stopped just after breakfast!

I really started thinking about this when I saw a recent episode of LA Ink (yes, the show about tattoos) I don't normally watch the show but found myself stopped on it when an overweight female comedian asked the star of the show to design a tatoo for her that was an oldtime pocketwatch set to 13 o'clock. It was her explanation of the meaning of this tatoo that struck me. She stated that so many times in her life she thought, "Oh, I'll do that when..." or "Someday/one day I will.." but those some days and one days never came. Kinda like 13 o'clock . . . it was the time that would never come. She felt it was time for her to start living her life, doing the things she has always wanted to do and stop waiting for 13 o'clock.

Maybe you had to see the episode to truly get it like I did ...but maybe not. Why do we wait for tomorrow to start stuff? To do things? I mean isn't there a country song that says "If tomorrow never comes?" Not only will we never lose the weight we will miss out on so many other things.

One flip side to my tomorrows is that today is always my LAST day of eating poorly so I seem to be in a perpetual binge of things I won't be able to have again for a long time when I start . . . you guessed it, Tomorrow!

Well, today is my tomorrow to find the strength and determination to get out of neutral and start driving (haha- that pun was not intentional) ... start driving that number on the scale down again.

Over the Summer I saw 212.6 on that all too truthful scale and sadly, today just 7 short weeks later, this is what I looked down at:

*feel free to tilt your head to the left to view my weight as I have tried a dozen times to get the picture to load correctly and it just won't . . . no, my pic isnt saved with this orientation. It views correctly on my drive and turning it then loading it only had it load w/ my turn...very bizzare.

I had truly hoped to be nearing ONEderland by the end of the Summer and instead I'm going to have to re-lose 13lbs before I start seeing new low numbers on that darned scale. But that's ok, because I have maintained a 30lbs loss. I have stopped putting off until tomorrow and I'm back on track! (I will post profile pics when I get home and take them in my workout clothes . . . sans the oversized shirt they typically hide under)

Thank you Shiela for starting the Give yourself A Gift challenge. I look forward to making new friendships and seeing just how hefty a gift we each can give ourselves in the next 16wks!

What have you been putting off until tomorrow that you will do today!?


Lucrecia said...

I'm a rebel, and tilted to the right - honey, we need to talk!

I've said it a million times, but I'm SO glad to be doing this with you and look forward to Feb. more than words can express!

Manda said...

Good luck with GAG! I can't wait to see what the scale tells you in December. You are gonna rock this challenge.

dani31608 said...

Just a quick "good luck" from a fellow challenger! I look forward to getting to know you and cheering on your inevitable success during the next 16 weeks. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow challenger. Thanks for stopping by over at my place! It's good getting to know all of these great, inspirational people. Good luck over the next 4 months!

TeresaLynn said...

Love your progress slide show. And I have my share of 13 o-clock things...something to ponder. Good luck with the challenge!

Nancy said...

Congrats for getting back on track! I look forward to seeing your success!

Anonymous said...

i love the idea of thirteen oclock and that today is your tomorrow! we are starting out at about the same weight and will both be losing some of the weight that we have already lost. i know you can do this! you'll be in onederland before you know it!

Mrs. Sheila said...

You are so encouraging to others Melisa, I am so glad that you decided to join us again! :)

Laurie said...

Best of luck to you as we embark on this journey! I'm so excited to see our transformations. We can do this!

*I had the same problem with my scale pics too. What worked for me is to open up whatever picture viewer program you have on your computer, rotate your picture and save it. Open it up again then rotate it back to normal and save it. Then upload it to blogger. Don't know if it's the same cause but that's what worked for me. Hope that makes sense. Good Luck!

Mandie said...

Awww...thanks SO much for your comment on my blog. And you totally hit the head of the nail. I have been lying to myself that "I haven't been that bad". Thanks!

Best of luck to you with this challenge! And Congrat's on getting back on track...sometimes that's the HARDEST thing!

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