Wednesday, August 5

Week 31 ~ Weigh In

This morning the number on the scale shocked me back into submission...err, I mean reality. :)

I have wasted the last 3 wks going UP the scale instead of down. I am up 8lbs and am actually a little heavier than I was at the end of May which means I have basically wasted the Summer as far as weight loss progress goes. It is not as if I am surprised by the gain. I know exactly what I have been doing that caused it. I have been starting most every day with a new resolve and doing really well the majority of every day until I get home and am sitting alone in the dark watching TV late in the evening. It is then that my mind wanders .... into the pantry and wonders "What can I eat?". Unfortunately my mind is quite creative in the snack making category because its not like I stock chips or ice cream etc but I have still found things to gorge on and tonight is the first night I have bothered to resist. Honestly, tonight I have not even been tempted. I wish it hadn't taken a complete Summer backslide to get me back on track but I believe from here on it will be easier. I have new resolve and despite the fact that my problem staying on track has nothing to do with at work tempations I now have two more people in my office who are watching what they eat. My assistant recently started on WW and a co-worker is in Phase 1 of South Beach. I think the additional surrounding support will be helpful.

I will have to weigh in early next week as I am going to take my kids to visit my grandparents out of state. For anyone who's followed my blog for any length of time this means temptations like the homemade bread turned French Toast. Yum!

How many times will I have to struggle before I get to goal and can begin the struggle of maintenance?


Lucrecia said...

The summer has been so much harder than I thought it would be! I walked this morning and when I looked at RunKeeper I realized I hadn't since July! Probably the last time we walked. Very sad! I'm back on track though, only 6 months until the cruise!!

Martha said...

It is so easy for me to maintain the weight... after I gain a good ten pounds back!! I'm with you on this one, lets struggle together, and we'll nab that goal before we know it!

Beans said...

i just started a blog, seeing your on-going results gives me hope that mine might work as well...thanks!!!

Actual Scale said...

It is a struggle to get the weight gone.
Sometimes I bemoan how easy it is to gain versus how hard it is to lose. It just flat out doesn't seem fair. Then I make myself remember that when we put time & effort into something we appreciate it more. Doesn't mean we won't have episodes of backsliding, but more that we will get excited about every single pound, heck every half pound, we work towards losing.

Today is a new day. A new start for those of us who signed up for GAG!
Brush off that 'summer guilt' & just hitch up your workout britches ;) today.

Can't wait to see your progress (no baggy shirts) photos! You can do it & yes, putting it out there is hard, but get past the initial feelings & just focus on how freakin' fantabulous you'll look in December!


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