Wednesday, September 2

GAG Wk1 Gameplan and Recipe

I intended to log on this morning and share an NSV from my very first (ok, more like one hundredth 1st day) back on plan and then saw Shielas challenge and decided to combine my NSV with the challenge requirements.

What is my Non Scale Victory you ask? Well, after lunch yesterday I got a call that we were to go to Olive Garden for dinner to meet my brother in law. He was in town from out of state and would only be here a couple of days before returning hm and soon being deployed overseas. Typically this would have been a Woo Hoo Breadsticks moment - not this time. I immediately wished I could get out of dinner and have my already planned teriakyi pork chops, baked potato and green beans. What to do? You are faced with a challenge - a special event - what do you do? I used the tools sitting right of me and went to the website and sought out nutrional information (NI). I checked which entree would be my best option and even had an alternate incase they didnt have my first choice. I did the homework on what a breadstick would "put me back" and went into the meal with a plan! *gasp* Me? A Plan!? Who woulda ever thought it.

I ate minestrone while others ate the salad which deceptively has very high calorie/fat dressing and indulged in a single breadstick before my herb-grilled salmon arrived. Ahhh. The satisfaction of not allowing myself to derail was wonderful.

Now this isn't always the way we can make a plan...I mean, is there a NI website available for your close friends BBQ spread? what can you do to be better prepared to stay on your plan? Here are a few ideas: 1) eat before you go (I was going to say this before I read Lucrecia's blog I swear) if you are already full or close to full before you go you are less likely to over indulge. 2) know your weakness and bring a healthy alternative - if you love dips/appetizers bring a healthier version of a favorite and stick to it, if you are a dessert person bring something sweet that you know exactly what went into it so that you aren't guessing at what you are consuming. 3) Keep water in hand or gum in mouth. Sometimes the simpliest of things can keep us from mindless eating. I have successfully thwarted overdoing it at a party myself by keeping a fresh piece of gum in my mouth all night.

As for a healthy alternative recipe. Here is one I got from a fellow online Weight Watcher that I've seen since with various names as well as several recipe variations but every single time I've made it I've gotten rave reviews and it has dissappeared so here goes:

*forgive this, I now can't find a recipe w/ the ingredients I use and since I first made it I just throw it together to taste - no recipe
Texas Caviar

2 can black beans, 15oz size, drained
1 can kernel corn, also 15oz, drained
3-4 green onions/scallions, chopped
1/2 red onion, chopped
1/4c chopped cilantro
zest & juice from one lime
1/2 - 1c italian dressing (I use Kraft Free Zesty Italian)

Now, I also actually use frozen corn, since I dont buy can corn, and just fill the empty black bean can to almost full and rinse it in cold water to "knock the frost off it" :)

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and enjoy. I typically make this the night before or morning of a get together to let it sit in the fridge and give the flavors time to combine. I also serve it with baked scoops and have been known to use it at room temperature atop a grilled chicken breast.

I can't wait to see others recipes.


Lanel said...

Congrats on your NSV, definitely something to be proud of. I feel so empowered when I go to a restaurant with a plan. Plus, it makes it so easy to already know what you're eating. :)

Your Texas Caviar sounds amazing. Definitely going to have to try that out. :)

Shelly said...

Yes I agree!Congrats on your NSV
and yes I will be stealing your Texas Caviar recipe!LOL

Anonymous said...

congrats on your NSV! i love it when i know exactly what I'm going to do when i eat out and actually stick to the plan! go you!

The Texas Caviar sounds amazing, i love anything with italian dressing!

Lucrecia said...

Um yeah, thats why I carry my iPhone of course! ;-)

If there was any doubt, my whole family loves your caviar!

I was right there with you until the Samlmon thing BLECK. Next cruise, Alaska! We need to indoctrinate Jon in all things Salmon :-)

Manda said...

Congrats on you NSV! Your Texas Caviar recipe sounds great. I will be trying it soon. We are on the same team. Looking foward to seeing the great progress you are going to make. Yay!

Lanel said...

Melisa -- So excited to have you on Team Comet!!! Looking forward to the next few months!

Laurie said...

Ahhh yes!! Black beans and corn...a winning combination! So excited to be on your team. :-) Eating only 1 breadstick at the OG is quite an accomplishment! I'm impressed!

Motonomore said...

The olive garden is a really hard place to eat healthier for me because I'm a vegetarian and don't eat fish either. You did an amazing job though! Only one breakstick is really hard to do. I love your recipe. I will try that while some healthier chips. Congrats on your NRV!! Looking forward to reading more about your journey!

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