Wednesday, June 10

Wk 23 Weigh In ~ Facing the scale after Vacation

My entire family and I had an absolutely incredible two week vacation!! I was a little nervous about getting on the scale this morning but knew it was the first step to getting back on track to losing the remainder of the weight I feel I need to lose. As I stepped on the scale this is what I saw:

I must say, I expected it to be more. Overall a 5lb gain is not very much for two weeks of vacation. I have gained that easily over any given weekend and actually joke about that all the time. Some people go nuts over a 5lb gain and I have always said I could do that in a weekend. I only hope that I can get rid of it as easily.

I am not quite done with all the laundry that follows such a long vacation and the kids are saying they are hungry - darn it no more sending them to the "Towncenter" with a Disney key/pass and letting them pick up their own dinner. I'm guessing I'm going to have to cook! *gasp* So for now only the weigh in update.

Oh, ooooK. I can't resist a couple pics. I got to meet "Kitty!" (I just love the movie Monsters Inc) and the second picture is of my family on the beach in St. Augustine just after my niece's wedding ceremony.


Sassle said...

Welcome back! Great attitude on the small gain! It's good to have you back amongst us Melisa and watch those pounds just melt off before you know it!

Sassle :)

Sassle said...

Forgot to mention, nice pictures of you and the family. You're looking good!

Lucrecia said...

You look down right skinny compared to the Monster :-) Um, A is almost as tall as you, tell me she had on heels!! SO glad you are home! I hope you are 100% back on plan in the morning, only 256 more days!

Mrs. Sheila said...

What a beautiful family!! Glad you had such a GREAT time!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great family vacation..You look great and I know you are gonna knock the scale out on your next weigh in!

Lisa said...

OK, I had to chuckle at Lucrecia's comment, because I was thinking the same thing! But you do look AWESOME anyway. You are very beautiful.

Keep up the great attitude you have right now and you will loose that 5 lbs plus some in no time...

Welcome back!


Mama Bear June said...

Love the beach photo. And Sully is definitely awesome! We got great photos with him and Mike when we were at Disney for my son's Make a Wish trip. They were going to take a break, but when the worker saw Kendall's MAW pin, he took us right in.

Glad you had a great time!

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