Wednesday, June 17

Week 24 Weigh In

If I was being truly honest I would say that I was a bit bummed when I got on the scale this morning. Not because I didn't lose but because after a full week on low carb induction I had "only" lost 4.4lbs. Now, before you take offense to me saying only to such a great number, I was bummed because I weigh almost daily on had lost 4.4 as of that means from Sat to Wed no more loss! :( I am happy with 4.4 that means I have gotten rid of almost all the vacation gain I just don't know what has caused the stall. Perhaps my body is in rebellion for not being given oatmeal, cereal, fresh fruit or fiber ones bars it has become so accustom to. Perhaps the lack of fiber is catching up with me. (sorry if TMI) Either way I will stick out one more week doing low carb induction before going back to my Weight Watchers plan.

I think the next couple weeks may prove challenging as I am going to have to work mostly weekend nights for a bit. Pretty drastic change from my normal 9-5 Mon-Fri but with the kids out for summer it means more time with them and maybe, just maybe, more chance for moving. Walking, swimming etc.

I am looking forward to the change. It may finally afford me the chance to get caught up on all the blog reading I missed while on vacation too.

Here's to kicking butt - or rather, getting RID of butt the rest of June. I have 5.6lbs to lose to meet my June goal and I don't intend to fail.


Lisa said...

You are doing awesome! Keep up the great work. Good luck with the last 5.6 lbs. You can do it.

Mrs. Sheila said...

I expect a visit from the woosh fairy in the next day or two. I do the same thing.. lose an amazing amount for three days or so, then I am stuck for a couple days or so, then BAM! I lose again! Can't wait to hear if this rings true with you too!

Trainer Shauna said...

Congrats on doing so well!! One thing I always stress to my clients is NOT to weight themselves every day. i know it's really hard but I would strongly suggest weighing yourself only once a week. As women our weight can fluctuate vastly from hour to hour so weighing yourself everyday can really set you up for disappointment. Once a week, first thing in the morning naked, is what will give you an accurate measurement of progress. I know, easier said than done right? Keep up the good work!

Lucrecia said...

I for one am VERY proud of you! Its so so hard to jump right back on plan after a 2 week forced hiatus - and even hard when its a different plan! You had so many temptations this weekend, that loss could have easily been much less. Up the water and I bet you see another good loss tomorrow!

Mama Bear June said...

I gotta tell you, retaining waste is one of my problems. It is so not fun! And there are some physiological issues that cause it for me (a long, tortuous colon). I can eat high fiber foods, take metamucil and drink tons of water and still get stopped up. After my colonoscopies and barium enema (yeah, ugh!) the doctor recommended as many doses of Miralax it takes each day. So that's what works for me and I think what has contributed to my loss lately. It is not fun and quite uncomfortable when it all backs up.

So yeah, it's not a pleasant subject to discuss and maybe TMI, so I think lots of people may be suffering in silence. But I figured I would let you know what does work for me. Miralax is gentle and not a laxative, so it's safe to use all the time. It is expensive over the counter, but I'm blessed to have military healthcare and they give it to me from the pharmacy on base for free. Usually if I take two doses for a few days, it helps clear things out.

Sounds you'll have the chance to get some walking and swimming in with the kiddos, so enjoy your time with them. And celebrate that 4.4 loss! That is pretty awesome! :-D

Terri said...

That's an awesome loss! I know you are bummed because it's hard when you expect something and it doesn't turn out like we think it will. You are doing just fine though!

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