Wednesday, May 6

Wk 18 Weigh In – SHFSC Wk 5

Allow me to concentrate on NSVs for this week – what does that tell you about how I’m feeling scale wise? :)

All in all I am proud to say that over the last two weeks, of which I was gone from home for 10days, I was able to lose 1.2lbs. That’s a victory in and of itself despite the fact that I had hoped desperately to be able to hit the 35lbs lost mark. Alas, I gained 0.2lbs from last Wednesday and will leave again on Monday to go to Denver for the week. The conference I attended wasn’t the culprit of the gain since I was working out more than ever and managed to eek out a loss that first Wednesday but instead it was my grandmothers homemade bread I am certain. I had toast every day and one day indulged in two pieces of that wonderful bread made into French toast! YUM!! Might I add, totally worth it!! My exercise from the conference came to grinding halt the morning I left and instead I did something else more than I have in a long time – I went to church! Now mind you I had planned on going to church on Sunday morning but didn’t realize their church would be in the midst of what I refer to as a rival when I arrived and so not only did I go on Sunday morning but on Friday and Saturday nights as well. It was good to get to hear my cousin sing her solo piece with the choir and be singled out as the 10th visitor from a different state during their week long “camp meeting” by the preacher (who also happens to be a cousin).

This morning, when the scale didn’t miraculously show a loss I decided it was time to go shopping in my closet and I was very happy to find two pairs of jeans that I was able to get into for the first time in quite awhile! Sadly, the pair that fit better have a hole beginning to form in the hind end so I won't be able to wear them but I think they would have looked pretty darn good. (the other pair won’t be seeing the outside of my house for a few more pounds). If it wasn’t getting so dang hot around here I’d probably go buy another pair just like these:

*pls excuse the dirty mirror & slightly blurry pic - have you ever tried to take a pic of your own tushy? :) oh, and see the snag/hole?...darn it.

Lastly, I had recently ordered a couple of new work shirts in size Large instead of XLs and when I opened the box yesterday was disheartened to see a shirt that I figured was also several wks (months) out from being able to be worn. Surprise, surprise, I tried it on and it fit – no stretching required (you ladies know what I’m talking about). What do you think? I'm pretty psyched.

So, no loss showing on the scale this week, thankfully not a large gain either but a couple of NSVs and a positive outlook on the current week!

Oh, and here’s a pic of the French toast…. Just because it really was yummy! (pay no attention to the pork fat that found its way to the plate)


Anonymous said...

You have an amazing figure and that plate just made my tummy growl, literally! :o)

((leaves drool puddles on your blog))

Thanks a lot, now I am off to raid the fridge!!

P.S. Amazing work and the way the clothes fit on you is way better than what the scale says ((winks))

Annalisa201 said...

:) Woohoo! Congratulations. You are looking fabulous!!! And, as Mrs. Sheila told me, sometimes NSV are more important, and it certainly sounds like you had an amazing week. That is worth more than silly numbers on the scale. So keep up the good work Melisa!!!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Way to go! I LOVE Nsv's!! They just Rawk it! Abd so do you in those britches!

Katie J said...

Melisa - You are looking awesome - I can really tell see the difference in your waist and face. What a great feeling it must have been trying on the top! Looking good lady!

Lucrecia said...

you look down right thin in the 2nd picture! I'm so jealous that you have no belly! Time to go shopping for some new capris maybe?

Lisa said...

You look awesome! Way to go on the great job you have done thus far... Keep up the great work! Lisa

Sassle said...

You're Looking Good and what great NSV's! Both the jeans and the top are really flattering on you :)

jh said...

Good for you for sticking with it while you were gone. I live in Boulder, so you should expect some great weather in Denver--high 70's!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job! You look great.

Lisa said...

I have left something special for you over on my blog!

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