Wednesday, May 20

Week 20 ~ Weigh In

I started out this journey feeling like I needed as much accountability as possible. The more avenues of accountability I had the more likely I would be to see this through to the end and not give up or or be able to quit.

This blog was one of those means of accountability despite the fact that I only ever specifically shared it with a couple of friends. Another was that I asked a male co-worker if he would mind me reporting to him every Wednesday. He didn't have to do anything other than receive my weekly updates. This particular man is fit, athletic and blessed with a high metabolism. I felt that perhaps simply the thought of having to report a "bad" week to him just might help to keep me on track. Why do I mention this now? I mention it because for nineteen weeks he has never asked me for my weekly update. I've always given it to him whether that be early, just after weighing, mid morning when I finally get to post and/or check other blogs and on occasion it has waited until sometime in the evening. He graciously comments, congratulates or encourages (have had a couple small gains) but this morning before I had even weighed....feeling a little lazy and knowing I was going to show a gain...I get a text that says, "How many?" He was initiating the update!! Ugh!! I took it as a sign. I'd asked him to take my updates as a means to keep me accountable and now, in the throws of my inability to get back on track he was doing just that - keeping me accountable. When I stepped on the scale a short time later it was no surprise that I was maintaining my little more than 3lb gain. The good news is that I'm back on track. That was just push that I needed to stop my over indulgence. I have spent one whole day back on track, eating right, no excessive or fatty/sugary snacking and plenty of water.

Yea for back on track and most of all YEAAAAA for vacation in only one week!

Week 20 also meant another set of progress pictures. I think I'm at the point where I need to get a smaller shirt for the progress photos. The shirt has gotten so large that it won't continue to show progress very well. The jeans will continue to fit for awhile. Gotta love the stretch they put in jeans these days. For the before pics it took quite a bit of squirming and tugging to get those jeans on and buttoned and now every week I have to wash and dry them (girls you know about driers and jeans).

As the first portion of my journey - Trek to Vacation - comes to a close I feel like its time to set some more goals. At this point there's only one that comes to mind:

Goal for End of Summer: ONEderland!!

I must fight to stay in the game, I must fight to get to the goal, and most importantly I must fight to change my ways and no longer allow myself to get derailed when I start feeling good about myself or start getting comments/compliments on my weightloss thus far. I dont know why I tend to drail at the first sign of success but I will strive to change that bad habit just as I must change how I eat and how much I move.

I'm still in this...who is with me?


Anonymous said...

Good for you and a pat on the back for your co-worker. That's a good guy right there.
Good job for keeping on track and keep it up, I'm sure next week, you'll be posting a loss!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Yay! i am so proud of you, and for your friend to not waiting around to get your update!

I have been back on track for eight, going on nine days, and I am so very thankful! I can see lots of bodyline changes and I might just rawk that binkin because I can! LOL

Lisa said...

Way to go... It's great that you have someone at work to help hold you accountable too. Keep up the outstanding job you are doing!


Anonymous said...

way to go..i'm glad you picked someone that did that this last week..he's getting excited for you cause he sees the progress..keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you honey!!!!

Gosh, don't you love being held accountable (giggle) it definitely lights a fire under my fanny!

You're doing a great job despite a few rough weeks, you're already needing a smaller shirt for weight loss pictures :o) you go girl!

Mama Bear June said...

Awesome job! Glad you've hung in there and are willing to stay in the fight.

Mrs. Sheila said...

Just a quick reminder;

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