Wednesday, May 27

Week 21 Weigh In ~ Final WI SH4SC

Excuse me....((clears throat))


Please clear a path and make room for my HaPpY dAnCe!!!! ( (dances and spins around the room like a complete idiot) ) Here is what the scale showed me this morning....a new decade!

Ok, so overall the past couple months haven't proven to be very significant in the way of pounds lost in comparison with the previous months but this morning not only did I see that the weight I had gained was gone but I managed to lose an additional 2.8lbs!! Can I get a Wooo Hooo!!?? This loss brings me to a grand total of 36.2lbs gone. Not to shabby for just 21wks. If I continued to average that 1.7lbs/wk I'd be to my goal by the end of the year or at least within my goal range. You see, I'm not entirely sure that I want to weigh something specific so much as I know how I want to feel and in recent years I've been 40lbs lighter than I am now felt like I still had some work to do which is how I set my current goal.

Anyhow enough of that! Today was my final weigh in before I leave on vacation for two weeks. That's right, TWO WEEKS!! Family wedding in Florida followed by 7days on a Walt Disney resort visiting the various parks. I can't wait! Today is also the final weigh in for the Sizzling Hot for Summer Challenge and I managed to lose 8lbs during the course of the 8wk challenge. I'd hoped for more like 18 but I'll take the 8!

I did take some comparision pictures for the challenge but don't see a significant change. Will get those posted later. I really should get back to work. :)

May each of you reading this have a great next couple of weeks. I think that I just might pack my scale when I pack tonight. It sure kept me on track when I took it with me out of town a few weeks ago compared to the trip I didn't pack it.


Lucrecia said...

I'm SO excited for you! A little jealous, but mostly proud! Have a wonderful time in FL with your new hot bod! You are going to come back relaxed & tan and ready to hit onederland! I wonder if I can catch up with you while your gone so we can get back on the same page? ;-)

Sassle said...

Congrats Melisa! That is a really nice surprise, no wonder your dancing!! I hope you have a great vacation you definitely deserve it!

It was a blast being on this journey with you and the other bloggers and again congrats on the loss and completing the challenge.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Lucrecia, I'm jealous too LOL. Take me with yoooooou :P Congrats on the FABULOUS weight loss, I am so proud of you. I can't wait until you come back and start bloggin' again, have a safe trip hon :) we'll miss you!

Lisa said...

Congrats on your new "decade" you are doing an awesome job! Florida... I am sooo jealous! I miss living there. Though, I don't miss the hurricanes and daily rain showers...LOL. I do miss the seafood (eat lots of it...grilled and no creamy sauces on it though to keep it calorie friendly) and hit the numerous produce stands which run abundant there and you will be set for healthy snacks and meals...

You are doing great with your weight loss and I'm sure the motivation will get you through your two week vacation.

I'll still be hanging around the blog world blogging my journey to become more fit and healthy so we can still lend our support to one another!

Enjoy your trip!


Mama Bear June said...

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! That is awesome! Congrats on the loss and the reward for all of your hard work. It's so fun to enter a new decade!

Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's awesome!! You should be very proud! And I am also jealous of the Florida trip....get me some Mickey Mouse ears!

Rhonda said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog...nice to meet you! Congrats on the loss and your happy dance made me smile! ;o)

Hope your trip is a blast!!!

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