Tuesday, September 1

GAG Day 1 Body Shots

Ok, so I decided to use my workout pants and a snug T-shirt because I saw such great differences when I did this at the beginning of the year yet, to me, I look just as big now as I did 30lbs ago! Ugh. I know its different clothes and to go back to snug fitting makes a difference but its frustrating none the less.

Brush it off...I will look just as different in these same clothes in 16wks from now as I did from Jan 1st compared to 16wks into the year.

Here they are:


Lisa said...

Good luck in the GAG challenge! I look forward to sharing this journey again with you...

Lanel said...

Good luck these next 16 weeks! Looking forward to sharing the journey to skinnier with you!

Annalisa201 said...

AAAHHHHH!!! YOU LOOK F'N AMAZING!!! Sorry, I'm trying to quit cussing, but I can't help it sometimes.


You and I have the same problem. Looking through "fat glasses" in the mirror (or picture). Do me a favor. Take a second look and get the Jan 2009 pictures in your head and look again. Yup. That's it. You're right on fantastic Melisa!

I did the same thing (posted pics yesterday, second look today) and honestly, I can't believe I even thought I was doing so terribly! Truth is we are both kicking serious booty. Congrats girl! Keep it up!

Lucrecia said...

I disagree, I see a huge difference!! I took some in just a sports bra last night, but I don't have the courage to post them so I'll be taking some more tonight! Maybe at the end of the 16 weeks I'll be excited enough by the change to post the before and afters!

Actual Scale said...

Snug may not be our friend at the beginning but during it is fabulous motivation! You are so right that you will be glad to have taken these photos because when you compare in Dec you will see *such* a difference...you'll just be so darned proud of yourself.

Best wishes with GAG,

Motonomore said...

Yes, I also see a BIG difference from the other pics. Your stomach is much smaller. Your face is also smaller. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!

Martha said...

I've always thought you had a wonderful figure :o) and I wish you nothing but success on this new journey. You already look fabulous!

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