Tuesday, January 6

A Woman’s Sacred Number

Why do so many women guard their “number” with such conviction? The need to keep this number secret crosses the boundaries of fat to thin, obese to healthy weight women of all ages, races & body types. Why? It has such a hold over us that most of us we can recall our weight at any given event or special occasion for years past.

Even more interesting is the fact that women who are heavy and would never dream of sharing their weight with ANYONE then lose the weight and are the same ones that will tell everyone and anyone how much they lost, what they currently weigh and “Can you believe I use to be . . xxxlbs?!?”

I too tend to keep my weight secret only I do so only from those that are close to me. To the many women and friends that I have found online all know EXACTLY what I weigh down to the fraction of a pound as well as what I lose every week and what I hope to weigh at the end of my weight loss journey. I don’t know that liberating myself from the hush of my number will allow me to lose weight any faster or shame me into ensuring the number continues to get lower and lower every week but I think it’s time I posted it as predominantly as it rings in my head day after day. After all, this is a blog, not a nametag I have to wear boldly on my chest or a stamp on my forehead…

Maybe tomorrow will be my day to be brave.


Laura911CO said...

Very well spoken. Not a lot of people know what I weigh either although since police officers are trained to determine that, I'm probably fooling myself. You, on the otherhand, know not only my weight but other secrets along the way. My goal this year is to weigh what my driver's license says I do!! LOL!

Melisa said...

Yea well, I work with people who give life saving drugs daily based on their estimate of what a person weighs but I'm certain those "powers" dont apply to guessing my number! pa-HA!

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